Can I choose straps and Zippers in different colors:

All colors can be combined with each other acc. to your liking.


Can special requirements be considered regarding the form of the Bag:

All heli bags are each one of a kind. If you want to have  a slim tailside or a slim front, no problem.


What is the lead time for a Bag:

We need about 2-4 weeks for a Bag production acc. to order situation.


Are any Bags available ex stock:

We don't keep any stock articles as all Bags are custom made.


How is a custom fit warranted:

Aerolutions has a large database of RC/Heli dimensions, nevertheless customers receive a dimensions sheet form after a placed order, where all relevant dimensions are registered. This is sent back to us after filling.


Are the bags water resistant:

The used Cordura outer fabric is a water, oil and dirt-repellent fabric. Passing showers at the field, humidity at storage room, etc. are no problem for the bag, the model remains dry.


Which courier is used for shipping and how much are the shipping costs:

All bags are sent to the customers by DHL or GLS.

WE SHIP WORLDWIDE. Please refer to General conditions for shipping Information to your Country or send us an email.


Can I order the bag without the Ground Support plate:

Yes you can.  


How much is a bag for my specific helicopter:

Please check the column "FLIGHT BAGS FOR 300-880 HELIS" and see to which size your Heli belongs to, you can then check the price at the Shop column.


Do I get any Discounts by ordering more than 1 bag?

Please contact us for your special offer.