Product Info Heli carry Bags

- 100% handcrafted

- 100% custom made
- 100% production in Germany
- High-quality materials
- Tested by RC-pilots for function, handling and on-field practice.

Aerolutions bags are handcrafted products made in Germany. Focus of the production is a light weight Flight bag and maximum protection to the model. The used materials are of high-quality and optimally adapted to outdoor conditions. The bags provide high protection against dust, moisture and transport damages.

Outer fabric, zipper and carrying straps colors can be combined individually. You can choose from different colors.


Material specifications:

We use exclusively high quality tested materials for our bags.



ca. 2,7 Kg (700 Heli Class)


Outer material
Cordura® fabric
(the original!) CORDURA® fabric is what many of the most respected brands, retailers and militaries around the world use when they need to make a product that’s durable, versatile and reliable. Constructed using high tenacity fiber technologies, weight for weight, CORDURA® fabrics are exceptionally durable. UV resistant.


Middel material

Special Polyester mat for extra shock protection.
Inner material
Spacer Fabric
Ultra light weight material, closed surface for optimum pressure absorption and distribution, high value appearance. Offers excellent protection for the model to shocks, etc.

Ground support plate
Polypropylene twin-wall sheet
Weighs about 40% less than equivalent wood. Extremely light and robust.

Foamed material at tail section for better tail fin stability
End-to-end, inside covered (no scratches on canopy) with high quality zipper pullers.

Carrying straps
Stable design, COG optimized.

Reflector bands on the sides for good perceptibility in the dark.

Rubber mounts
Optimal stability and protection of the lower side fabric.

Making of...

Over 20 productions steps are needed to finish a custom made Heli Carry Bag.

Here a small insight of the production of a bag for a Blade 300 CFX.